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  • Pack the dishwasher on the light side rather than stuff it's good but it's not magic.
  • Use only good quality cheap stuff. Do not overdose.
  • Don't put too much greasy 'stuff' in the machine...rinse it off first. Click here for more detail
  • Placing pots and large items in the bottom rack can create an 'umbrella' effect and upset wash quality. This can also stop the heater working in some models.
  • Use a hot cycle. Most NORMAL cycles don't cut the mustard. Heat and hygiene go hand in hand.
  • Diligently keep the filters clean.
  • Don't treat it like a garbage is just a dishwasher.
  • Keep the areas around the door seal clean.
  • Always put rinse aid in the dispenser, even if you use tablets.
  • Avoid dishes coming into direct contact with each other
  • Don't place items in front of the detergent dispenser
  • Always spin the top arm before starting to ensure it turns freely
  • Many dishwasher problems are caused by innocent misuse

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