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There is a foul smell coming from the drain hose of my washer.

This smell I have  become used to during my servicing of machines over many years

It remains an offensive smell.  In plain English it stinks.

It is due to the accumulation of body fats as a result of cold water washing or the use of detergents without enzymes or phosphates. Also it can build up over years in older models that have not been maintained with high temperature maintenance cycles..   Ask Tony.

In all machines, top and front load models, in my professional opinion, users should wash in warm water set to about 40 degrees. A lot of people with top load models, and some front load models too, do insist on cold water washing, and have used clod water for many years. If you are someone like this at least take advice here and do a hot load every month., You will be 'doing yourself a favour' in keeping you valuable machine in 'good nick'.

Using  a detergent with enzymes is essential too.

Front load users must hardly ever wash at a temperature less than 40 degrees. Unless the garment commands less, then do as instructed. At least fortnightly do a 60 degree load (towels), and a few times a year do a 90 degree load. Check out my page on front load washers for detailed information.

To rid an already stinky machine of this smell, try a few 90 degree loads with enzyme active detergent and some old rags or towels  to assist in spreading the solution of water and detergent around the concentric drums. If this isn't successful then Ask Tony what to do next to restore your machine to a smell free one.

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