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Front load door lock mechanisms

1) Some front load washers do not have an alternative way of opening the door when it fails to automatically release. A delay of about two minutes is usual after the cycle is stopped or ends. Time delay door locks can fail in rare instances with the clothes remaining inside the machine. In these instances  a technician is required to release the door lock from its position and and fit a new lock. The user should not attempt to carry out this repair as damage can be done to the machine and an unsafe situation may occur. Should the mains power fail, this type of lock in proper working order, will release after a time delay of about two minutes, allowing the door to open via the door handle being pulled back carefully. Impatience has caused the breakage of many door handles. If it won't open easily do not force it. The picture shows a time delay door lock. Beware as there may still be a full load of water in the machine. Most machines fill with the water level below the door line, so opening the door with the machine loaded should not be a problem. In rare instances the machine will not release the door if there is water inside. In this case there may be a release lever as described below. In any instance, with water in the machine, be prepared just in case the water is above the door line. You will then have to manage this the best way you can.

2) Some makes have a manual release cord that is accessed via the pump trap cover near the foot of the machine. Just pulling on this cord will release the door independently of the power being on so that the door can then be opened normally. Please not that pulling on this cord may not cause the door to spring open . It just trips the lock and then you can open the door with the handle. If the machine is full of water, beware.The picture shows the red plastic lever that, if pulled down, will open or release the door. This is also useful if the power fails for extended periods as some models do not release the door after a time delay. These models require power to release the door, unlike the two minute delay mechanisms. Furthermore,there is a small aperture right near the door latch in some makes for opening the door with a key. Your instruction manual will give you instruction about this or you can ask Tony . There are machines that release the door and open it automatically for you when the cycle is ready. Any of these facilities do require a technician's intervention should a failure occur. The picture shows the position of the time delay door lock that the locking hook on the door goes into to secure the door during the washing cycle. This picture is of the two minute time delay models

Picture shows a locking hook that fits into the door lock aperture to secure the door closed during the cycle.

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