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Managing the pump trap

Maintenance to the pump trap is a procedure that is meant to be carried out by the user of the appliance. However, whatever happens as a consequence of you following the instructions given here is your own responsibility. Should you not be prepared to accept this responsibility then just Ask Tony for help.

The pump trap cover is mounted down by one of the feet of the washer. There will be a small door that can be seen quite easily . This door must be opened and then you will see the handle, like a sort of wing nut that must be unscrewed anti clockwise to allow the removal of the filter . The picture shows the filter cover removed from it's normal operating position.The small hose to the left of the aperture is designed to drain water from the pump chamber first. If you just remove the cover first without draining water from this small hose, as seen in this picture, then some water may rush out on to the floor. Just keep an old towel handy anyway to soak up whatever water spills.

You must drain the machine first as any water that is in the bowl will rush out when the cover from the pump is removed.

If you are sure that all of the water has drained from the bowl, then the remaining water that will be retained in the pump will be easily soaked up by one towel. Should the turning of the wing nut be difficult, it may be obstructed by something that has found its way behind the cover, like a coin etc. Then you will have to juggle the nut back and forth with the hope that it will 'let go'. If this is not successful, then call for service. A technician may have to break the cover from the chamber and then supply a new cover. Regular cleaning here should prevent this, but don't go overboard, once every month or so is sufficient. Being diligent with emptying your pockets is a sure way to prevent any problems with the pump filter cover.

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