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Is the bowl in my washer really stainless steel?

A  true stainless steel bowl won't attract a magnet. Grab a fridge magnet and slap it on your washer bowl. If it sticks the the bowl isn't top grade stainless steel. I guess there is some sort of tolerance allowed for the makers to call their bright shiny bowls stainless steel. Perhaps there is just a thin coating on the bowl or it has enough nickel in it to allow the title.

I have seen a so called stainless steel bowl rust.  One washer I have sold and serviced for many years has a true 18/8 stainless steel bowl that won't rust , and you can't drill it or damage it easily. A magnet won' stick at all. The surface of this bowl is not really bright and shiny, but has a mat finish.This bowl will last a lifetime.

Furthermore, I have seen some bowls change shape with the centrifugal force of the spin cycle and cut through the outer water jacket.

However don't despair; even if a magnet sticks to your bowl, it is not common for bowls to rust or split as one make did a few years back.

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┬ęTony Pike 1/1/2011




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