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What about suds savers....?

  • Once most top loaders were suds saver models. Makes like Malleys Whirlpool, Simpson, Kelvinator, etc all had suds savers.
  • Suds savers are not made in as many numbers now.
  • The reasons for this may vary from economic and hygiene.
  • Some people do consider them  not hygienic.
  • The following are reasons why I would not recommend "suds save" models.
  • Body fats and greases from our skin, which gets on clothing by simply wearing garments,are sometimes  recycled through subsequent loads.
  • It stands to reason that anything that is washed from our clothing (for example our underwear) will remain in the wash water. 
  • We all might therefore ask "Why would you want to wash more garments in that water"?
  • I can remember visiting many houses for repairs and finding the lid of the top load suds save machine propped open with a stick or a wooden spoon.
  • When I asked why, I discovered the purpose of this was to allow the smell from the bowl to vacate. The smell came fom a build up of greases deposited in the outer bowl.
  • At the time some greases were tested to find that they consisted, in part,mostly of body fats.
  • I have removed the spin bowl from many suds save models to clean the the bowl. The build up of fat could be scooped up by a spatula and would sometimes fill a small icecream container.
  • My observations showed that the use of some 'green' friendly detergent made this worse. My conclusions here are based on diligent experience. I have been instructed that the lack of phosphates and enzymes fails to dissolve many greases and fatty residues.

┬ęTony Pike 1/1/2011


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