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A tip for your safetey....Automatic appliances are designed for our convenience. Sometimes, although rarely, something can go wrong. A hose can split or a leak can occur for example. If something like this does occur it would be a bonus if someone were around to stop damage and halt the cycle.It is prudemt therefore, to use your automatic appliances while you are 'around the place'. Don't go to bed and run the dishwasher, don't go to work and leave the washer running , don't go out for the day with the dryer not having finished the cycle. You can run the dishwasher ofter dinner at night, and you can start the washer as soon as you arrive home from work in the evening. It's up to you. I have seen situations that could have saved a fortune if the cause was halted quickly.

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Interesting Topics

Stainless Steel Cutlery.

When purchasing cutlery 18/10 grade is the best.

18% chromium-10%nickel.

Except for the knives, which may be thirteen percent chromium and more carbon steel for the purpose of maintaining a sharp edge. Hence knives are more vulnerable to marking.

Stainless steel really means stain resistant.

Washing by hand is laborious, but should you choose this method do not leave the items to soak, and dry quickly as it will leave watermarks..

Use your dishwasher to wash stainless steel cutlery.

    • Stack the cutlery so that items do not come into contact with each other.

    • Some quality dishwashers have a special cutlery feature to assist with this separation.

    • Don't mix silverware or any other metal items with stainless steel. The result can be unmovable marks on your stainless steel. Rust masks can transfer from other metals onto stainless steel.

    • Do not use a pre-rinse cycle with stainless steel as the result will be like soaking.

    • Use a high temperature wash cycle like sixty degrees, which will equate to sixty degree drying. You should be using this cycle for everyday washing anyway.

    • Try to open the dishwasher door just as the cycle ends to encourage quick drying. Some quality machines have a door opening feature to open the door slightly for you.

    • After a short time remove the cutlery and just wipe any water spots off, although there may not be any if you have been using the correct cycle.

    • Do not leave cutlery with food residue for any time. Food acids can mark the stainless steel.

    • Use a soapy sponge to remove any unwanted stains and food particles.

    • Never use scours or abrasives.

    • A soft cloth with a branded stainless steel cream can be use to remove unwanted stubborn stains.

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