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What water pressure do you have at your home ? should know!

Have your water pressure tested in your home. High water pressure has killed many appliances.....something like blood pressure in us humans maybe? High water pressure will cause damage to your appliances eventually. Any measured pressure around 800 Kpa should be addressed in my opinion. The makers limit is about 1000Kpa, but if you have 800Kpa it might peak up to 1000Kpa at times. Take note, pressure and flow are different. Just turning down the tap reduces the flow rate but  not the pressure. Don't be fooled by thinking you can just turn the tap down a bit to reduce the pressure. If your pressure is too high you will need a relief limiter set to about  to about 500Kpa. You might as well have this connected to the supply to the house as compared to just one appliance. Then all of your house is protected. The hot water heater will already be protected with a relief limiter as a matter of legal regulation. The picture shows water pressure being tested.

Split water valve bodies and torn diaphragms, along with damaged flow restrictors and flow meters inside of your valuable appliances will cost you money, and then you will become alerted to your water pressure and have to correct it anyway. Fix it straight away. Any installer who is professional about his work will be able to measure your water pressure and give you advice about it. Any installer who cannot test your water pressure, or does not know the pressure limits or what to do about it if it is high,in my opinion, should not be messing about with your valuable new appliances.

This is a problem with self installation too. There are some traps associated with self installation. Purchasing wet appliances as you would purchase a toaster or an iron and just load it up and take it home from the store,can lead to expense that is not covered by the makers warranty. Ask Tony.

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