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One of the worst things I can do to my washer or dishwasher is...

Overdosing.......i.e. too much detergent.

Remember the appliance uses little water per fill, not the whole cycle but each time it fills.

Considering a front load washing machine, ask yourself much detergent do I need to saturate the solution during the wash fill?...Correct answer is NOT MUCH.

A water saturation appliance like a front load washer as compared to a water immersion machine like a top loader requires focus on the way the appliance works. In a front load washer the clothes are tumbled in a polished stainless steel drum and are just sloppy wet    

Little detergent is required to saturate this solution.

In a top load washer the clothes are immersed in a bowl of water. More detergent is required to saturate this solution albeit LOW SUDS detergent too.

Overdosing causes suds lock and prematurely wears machine components.

Dishwashers use as little as thirteen litres for the whole cycle...not per fill but for the WHOLE CYCLE

Overdosing can cause at worst...electronic failure. It can even cause pitting of glasses and more. Don't do it!

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