The Washing Machine Man

Appliance Specialist.

Tony Pike 
Formerly Tony Pike Appliances, of Hahndorf.

I have retired from my business at Hahndorf and am still involved in the appliance industry.

I can offer you assistance with new purchases and maintaining your machines.
Your enquiry is most welcome.

The purpose of this website is to assist you with the use of your appliances, and to help  in understanding them. Also to provide information that will assist in making choices when purchasing an appliance. You can contact me from here for assistance with any problem you may have with your appliances.

Should any information in this website give you a clue about how to carry out a particular  task, never do anything unless you are qualified to do so. Never open any panel or replace any part yourself. Even a user task that is described in the makers handbook, like setting the machine level etc, is done at your own risk. Calling Tony is advised.

Contact 0427 710980     [email protected]

If you have a new front load washer there are some things you need to here

  • With many years of experience I can offer you advantages.
  • Information about Dishwashers, Washing Machines and Clothes Dryers.
  • Plenty of know how.
  • Take advantage of my wide contact base and access to technical data.
    • If you need a document for your appliance, like a user guide or technical info, just Ask Tony
    • State the make and model number and I will do my beat to post it for you to download.
    • For assistance with setting up your appliances click on the documents tab below.
  • Front load washer.......washing process here


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Do not overdose.......

If you get satin remover spray mist onto your washer it will end up looking like this. The letters will come off of the panel. Keep sprays away from the panels.

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