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Top loading washers
  • These appliances are water immersion machines. This means the clothes are immersed in a bowl of water while being 'washed', compared to the water saturation style of a front load washer.
  • More water is required for this process The larger ones can use around 120 litres per cycle with a full load.
  • Generally, I have found that good quality top loaders are the most durable and can withstand tougher and more 'misuse' albeit innocent. They are more bullet proof.
  • Of course the loading is done at about waist height, so less bending down is required.
  • Some top load washers have a problem with 'linting'. This is usually due to the type of drainage system the machine has. A 'neutral drain system' is the best as the pump evacuates the wash water along with lint before the spin bowl begins to rotate. Some more commercial models do not have this system. One is particularly bad. People who have spent more money to get a 'solid commercial machine' remain bitterly disappointed with their choice because of this.
  • There is one particularly good make that does not have linting issues. Lint disposal is overcome by a larger capacity drain pump and a fast evacuation rate.
  • Research is necessary to discover this facility. Sales people will probably not know.Why not Ask Tony.
  • Wash actions vary. Most cheaper models have a dragging action. The clothes are immersed in water and 'dragged back and forth' by a raised agitator or a flat style of pulsator in the bottom of the bowl. Machines like this are cheaper to make but overall they are rougher on clothes.
  • The best top loader has a 210 degree agitator action that strokes back and forth. The wash action is kind to clothes and the machine washes lint free. The water level is adjustable in 'fine' steps so water control is a positive feature for this top loader.  Ask Tony.
  • This machine is made of all enamel steel and does not rust. Plastic lids and hobs on top loaders can crack prematurely. There is always something like shoe cleaner, shopping bags, etc placed on washing machines. A solid unbreakable machine is an advantage.
  • Low suds soap is suitable for top loaders too. I recommend using front loader low suds powder in top load washers. There is less likelihood of suds lock. What is suds lock?
  • What about the stainless steel bowl in the washer.? Is it really stainless steel? Find out.
  • © Tony Pike 1/1/2006

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